Dale E. Koger

Dale E. Koger, Aviation Cadet Machinist Second Class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Koger, 807 Water Street, has arrived somewhere in the Pacific, according to word received by his parents.

He entered service on December 8, 1942 and received his training at Great Lakes, IL.

He attended Aviation Ordnance School at Memphis, TN and San Diego, CA.

Back from Duty in Pacific Area
Dale E. Koger, Aviation Ordnance Second Class, United States Naval Reserve, of 807 Water Street, Eau Claire, has returned from a tour of duty in the Pacific, where he was attached to Air Group 20, based on one of the Navy's big aircraft carriers.

Koger was one of the maintenance men who kept the air group's dive bombers armed and conditioned for combat, thus contributing to the success of our carrier strikes against such targets as the Bonins, Palau, Formosa, the Philippines, and French Indo-China.

The 21-year-old Bluejacket is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Koger and was educated at Eau Claire Senior High School, where he competed in football and basketball. He enlisted in the Navy in December 1942.