Charles Kopplin

Local Men Meet in Italy
WITH THE FIFTH ARMY, Italy—Three residents of Eau Claire, WI were able to hold a “hometown” reunion in North Africa shortly before they sailed to Italy with the Fifth Army.

Pictured above (left to right) are Corporal Marvin Zank, 639 Center Street; Lieutenant Colonel John R. Nygaard, Eau Claire; and Private First Class Charles Kopplin, 707 Gray Street.

The group got together after Zank and Kopplin had their commanding officer get in touch with Colonel Nygaard at the Fifth Army Headquarters. Nygaard then arranged to meet the two Eau Claire men in the port city, where they were stationed. Zank and Kopplin are serving with an ordnance outfit that is part of the Fifth Army. Nygaard is with Fifth Army Headquarters.