Lawrence F. Kotecki

Ordnanceman Back from Tour of Duty
Lawrence F. Kotecki, Aviation Ordnanceman First Class, United States Navy, of Thorp, has returned from a tour of duty as gunner in a torpedo plane based on a baby flattop in the Pacific.

Attached to Air Group 37, Kotecki flew aboard an Avenger, which can attack with bombs, rockets, or .50 caliber machine-gun bullets, as well as with torpedoes.

The Navy airman wound up his combat tour with a group of bombing missions against Jap air fields and shipping and gun emplacements on Leyte in the Philippines.

Previously, Kotecki had seen action at Tarawa, Roi, Eniwetok, Palau, Hollandia, Saipan, Guam, and Morotai.

Kotecki is the son of Anton J. Kotecki of Thorp.