Glenn L. Krammes

Private Glenn L. Krammes has completed his basic training at the Infantry Replacement Center at Camp Blanding, FL. He was graduated from a special training course in Radio and Visual Section. He spent the past seven days with his wife and son at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Krammes. Upon leaving Eau Claire, Private Krammes reports to Fort Meade, MD.

Private Glenn L. Krammes has arrived in Italy, according to word received by his wife. 

Private Krammes is connected with the Heavy Weapons Division of the Infantry. 

He received his training at Camp Blanding, FL, specializing in communications. 

Prior to his induction into the Army in August 1943, he worked for the A. O. Smith Corporation in Milwaukee.

Private First Class Glenn L. Krammes, 1914 Birch Street, was a recent visitor at the XV Corps Rest Center in France. The Rest Center is operated by Lieutenant General Wade H. Haislip's veteran XV Corps, which has been engaged in operations from Normandy into Germany.

Pfc. G. Krammes' Division Awarded Croix de Guerre
A letter describing his recent achievements in France was sent home by Private First Class Glenn L. Krammes, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Krammes, 1914 Birch Street.  He is in the Communications Division of the Infantry. He is serving with an Infantry Division of the 7th Army, which is fighting alongside of the French Army. 

"I'm going to be a regular walking Christmas tree when I get home," he wrote. "To start with, we have a Theater Ribbon, and I have three stars on it--one for Italy, one for Southern France and one for this area. Then, I have a Combat Badge, which is quite large and heavy. We also have a blue ribbon, which is a Presidential Citation that our battalion received for the work done at Montelimar. You can read something about that in one of those papers I sent home. We have at least one cluster coming for this ribbon. 

"Our division was awarded the French Croix de Guerre, and so we are getting a braid affair that goes around the left shoulder. Our division is the only one to have received this distinction in this war."

Krammes entered the service in August 1943 and was promoted to Private First Class in January of this year. He went into Southern France with the invasion on August 15, 1944.

Unit Cited for Encircling Nazis at Rhone Valley
Private First Class Glenn L. Krammes, husband of Mrs. Carmen M. Krammes, 1914 Birch Street, Eau Claire, is a member of the First Battalion of the Third Division's 15th Regiment, which has been awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for its action south of Montelimar, during the Seventh Army's lightning drive up the Rhone Valley from southern France. 

The Third Division was chasing the German 19th Army through the Rhone Valley, when the 15th's First Battalion executed a flanking maneuver that boxed a large portion of the German force, knocked out more than 400 vehicles, took more than 500 prisoners, and killed a large number of the enemy. 

After knocking out one German force, the First Battalion continued northward and captured the important city of Montelimar, situated on the banks of the Rhone and guarding the approaches to Lyon and the enemy's escape route to the Belfort Gap in the Vosges Mountains. 

The local soldier is entitled to wear the Distinguished Unit Badge, a blue ribbon with gold frame, over his right breast pocket. As a member of the Third Division, he is also entitled to wear the Croix de Guerre  fourragere, awarded to the Third by General Charles de Gaulle for the division's work in the Vosges Mountain and Colmar Pocket Campaigns. The Third is the only division awarded the coveted cord of honor in this war. 

The 15th's First Battalion has taken part with the Third in seven separate campaigns—French Morocco, Tunisia, Sicily, southern Italy, Anzio-Rome, France, and Germany, and has most recently taken part in the crossing of the Rhine and capture of Nurnberg.