Bernadine A. Kremer

Bernadine Kremer, WAVE Yeoman 3/C, in Cleveland Office
Bernadine A. Kremer, 22, formerly a worker in the Eau Claire Ordnance Plant, is now a Yeoman, Third Class in the WAVEs, attached to the Field Branch, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Field Branch is known as the "Bank" of the Navy. Here, all checks for family allowances are made up and mailed to Navy men's dependents. Allotments for money to be withheld from a Bluejacket's pay to be sent home, put in a bank, or invested in war bonds are processed here.

Checks for "mustering out pay" to men discharged from the Navy, Coast Guard, or Marine Corps are handled by this huge division of the Navy's Bureau of Supplies and Accounts. Rear Admiral F. E. McMillen is the Chief of the Field Branch.

Yeoman Kremer, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kremer, Route 3, Eau Claire, is a graduate of St. Patrick's High School in Eau Claire. She enlisted in the Navy last October and received recruit training at Hunter College, New York. Later, she received training as a yeoman in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Bernadine A. Kremer, in the WAVEs, has been promoted to Yeoman Second Class. She entered the service on November 2, 1943 and received her boot training at Hunter College, New York. She was graduated from yeoman training at Cedar Falls, IA, last February, and is now stationed at Cleveland, Ohio.

Bernadine A. Kremer, Storekeeper Second Class, United States Naval Reserve, has been promoted to Yeoman Third Class. She graduated Monday morning from Yeoman Training School at Cedar Falls, IA. Miss Kremer received her basic training at Hunter College, New York City. She is now visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kremer, State Street Road.