Arthur Bernard Kuberra

City Flier Has Important Duties During Invasion
A U.S. TROOP CARRIER BASE, European Theater of Operations--Recently, a group of men stood in the twilight, gazing southward, scanning the far horizon for three tiny specks. These specks should be planes, planes carrying the personnel of a Wing Headquarters, commanded by Colonel Maurice M. Beach of Osborne, Ohio, returning from Italy to rejoin another section of their unit, after successfully completing the airborne landings in Southern France. This was invasion number two, for the Wing also led the assault on Normandy.

First Lieutenant Arthur Bernard Kuberra of 1908 Hodgeboom Avenue, Eau Claire, WI served as Assistant to the Operations Officer of the Wing on both invasions.

The Wing to which he is assigned is a part of the Ninth Troop Carrier Command, commanded by Major General Paul L. Williams.

His wife, Mrs. Joyce I. Kuberra, is residing at 1908 Hodgeboom Avenue, Eau Claire, WI, awaiting the Lieutenant's return.