Russell H. Lambright

Eau Claire Soldier Builds Miniature Precision Lathe
Corporal Russell H. Lambright (seated), Eau Claire, and Private George W. Tice, Brooklyn, NY, with the miniature precision lathe that restored the watches of officers and enlisted men to working order, somewhere in India with the Army Air Forces.
SOMEWHERE IN INDIA—Time is the essence of action in the work of the Army Air Forces, so it was a happy day when Corporal Russell H. Lambright (seated) and Private George W. Tice built the miniature precision lathe, shown here, and watches of both enlisted men and officers were restored to working order.

Tice, of  8213 Chase Court, Brooklyn, NY, was a machinist for the Sperry Gyroscope Company before his enlistment but is serving as an armorer in the Air Service Command under Brigadier General Robert C. Oliver here. He has a knack for building things, too. Before he donned khaki, he built midget gasoline engines for midget racing cars that he raced on the Coliseum in Manhattan.

Lambert, a machinist, resides at 412 First Avenue Eau Claire, WI  but was an electrician for the Zenith Sales Company in his hometown before he enlisted.

Their work has won wide publicity here, and now, even Indians from surrounding villages bring their watches for repair to the boys.