Willard A. LaMoe

Flight Officer Willard A. LaMoe left Thursday for Santa Monica, CA, after visiting his aunt, Miss Myrta LaMoe, and other relatives in this city.  Flight Officer LaMoe has returned to the United States, after completing 50 missions over Italy, Sicily, and southern France.  He served in the Twelfth Air Force under the command of Major General James Doolittle.  He is a pilot in charge of a squadron.  He went overseas in March 1943 and completed his missions in ten months.  He will now have a 30-day rest period before his next assignment.  He will visit his father, W. A. LaMoe, at La Mesa, CA.

Contributed by Grant E. Sorenson, Chippewa Falls

Willard LaMoe and I joined the Air Corps together in the fall of 1939 and served together at Hamilton Field, Salt Lake, Spokane, and Long Beach, California. I lost track of him in January 1942 when he signed up for flying cadet training. He was first trained as a radio operator.