Charles E. Lampman

Charles Lampman Wins Air Medal in ATC Service

Private Charles E. Lampman, 522 North Barstow Street, Eau Claire, who is an aerial radio operator in the Indo-China Theater, has been awarded the Air Medal.  It was announced by Brigadier General William H. Tunner, Commanding General of the Indo-China Division, Air Transport Command.

The award was made upon completion of 150 hours of operational flight in transport aircraft during the period of service from January 1945 to March 1945.  The citation accompanying the award states:  “Flying at night as well as by day, at high altitudes over impassable mountainous terrain through areas characterized by extremely treacherous weather conditions, necessitating long periods of operation on instruments … requiring courageous and superior performance of his duties to overcome, he accomplished his mission with distinction.”

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude E. Lampman of the same address.

Charles E. Lampman, son of Mr. And Mrs. Claude Lampman, 522 North Barstow Street, is now stationed somewhere in Egypt, according to word received by his parents.  

He enlisted in the Air Corps on September 3, 1942 and received his basic training at La Vegas, NM.  He was chosen for radio training and received 10 weeks training at Kansas City, MO, graduating on December 18, 1942 as a radio operator and co-pilot on a bomber.  He was sent to Miami, FL on December 26, 1942 and flew to Africa, where he has been on transport duty.  

He also has a brother, Dale Lampman, who enlisted in the Air Corps on December 5, 1942 and received his training at Keesler Field, MS; Fort Warren, WY; and Tampa, FL.  He is now stationed at Thomasville, GA.