Cletus Langille

Cletus Langille Tells of Postal Service in Italy

Private Cletus Langille is now stationed in Italy, where he is a clerk in the Regimental Post Office.

In a letter received from him, he tells that the big difference between civilian postal work and the army is that “over here, you work all hours and, many times, a big shipment comes in around midnight and you have to put it out.”

He says that they don’t mind the long hours, considering that the fellows up front are depending on them and that living conditions of those in postal work are better than what men have to undergo at the front lines.  He says, “Therefore, we are glad to do all we can to make the mail service fast and efficient.”

He tells of having been up front with a reconnaissance outfit throughout the African, Sicilian, and part of the Italian Campaign, "so I've found out that a job in the Rear Echelon is really next to heaven."

He has met several Eau Claire friends:  Don Johnson, Casper Cobb, “Turp” Schafer, Wayne Garman, and John Ludwikoski during the time he has been overseas.