Kenneth Lanphere

Mr. And Mrs. Harley Lanphere, 202 South Eighth Street, received word that their son, Private Daryl Lanphere, arrived in Scotland about a month ago; spent a brief time in England, and is now in France.

He received training at Camp Blanding, FL and Fort Meade, MD, where he received special training in infantry heavy weapons. He entered service on February 16, 1944.  

He has a brother, Kenneth, with the Marines in the South Pacific.

A War Department telegram was received by Mr. and Mrs. Harley Lanphere, 202 South Eighth Street, saying their son, Private First Class Daryl Lanphere, had been killed in action in Germany on February 19. 

He entered service on February 16, 1944; received his Infantry  training in Camp Blanding, Florida, majoring in heavy weapons, earning Sharpshooter Medals for mortar, bazooka, anti-tank, and carbine and pistol. 

He spent a 12-day furlough at his home in July, leaving for Fort George Meade in Maryland on July 14, 1944. He later spent a few days in a hospital at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, before being sent overseas.

Private First Class Lamphere landed in Scotland and spent a short time there and in England and France, before being assigned to General Patton's Third Army. His platoon received two commendations for a task completed on December 29, 1944, and his division received a commendation from high ranking officers a few weeks before.

He has one brother in service, Private Kenneth Lanphere, United States Marines, serving somewhere in the South Pacific. 

Private First Class Daryl Lanphere was born in Green County on July 21, 1923. He spent his boyhood in the town of  Washington, Eau Claire County. Later, he took machine shop training at NYA School in Eau Claire; then did precision work on war materials in Alpha Machine Shop and International Harvester Company at Milwaukee, until he entered service.

He leaves his parents; two brothers, Private Kenneth and Gary; four sisters, Nadine, Audry, Dona, and Nolla at home; and his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James Lanphere of Eau Claire and Frank Markham of Strum.