Charles B. Larson

Eau Claire Man to Route Traffic on the Continent

HEADQUARTERS, EUROPEAN THEATER OF OPERATIONSóReady to take over the routing of the men and material who would otherwise jam traffic lanes on the continent of Europe, soldiers of the United States Transportation Corps Traffic Regulation groups are completing their training at an English port.

While Allied troops drive on to liberate Europe, soldier experts of these traffic regulation groups prepare the schedules which will be used to direct the movements of truck convoys on the continent, to move men and material by rail, and to unload supplies from harbor craft along the coast.

Operational moves and emergency procedures for devastated areas are studied and planned to the smallest detail at the Transportation Corps School.

Highlighting the instruction course, Brigadier General Frank S. Ross, Chief of Transportation in the European Theater of Operations, discusses real traffic problems with the men as they prepare themselves thoroughly for their job on the continent.

Included in the traffic regulation groups is Technical Sergeant Charles B. Larson, Rural Route 4, Eau Claire.