Everett W. Larson

Lieutenant E. Wayne Larson, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Harry Larson, 922 North Sixth Street, has arrived in England.

His wife and daughter reside in Chippewa Falls.

Lieutenant Larson is connected with the Meteorology Corps.

Everett Larson Gets Promotion
A 9TH AIR FORCE NIGHT-FIGHTER BASE, France—Everett W. Larson, night fighter squadron meteorologist in France, has been promoted to First Lieutenant. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Larson, and his wife, Joan, live at 922 North Sixth Street, Eau Claire, WI.

Stationed at an advanced 19th Tactical Air Command landing strip, close to the borders of Germany, the young weatherman works in close conjunction with the night fighter pilots of his unit. To them he is "Stormy," and he dictates, to a large degree, their activities. Night strafing, accomplished under the least favorable of conditions, becomes triply hazardous when weather interferes with the night fighter's limited visibility.

Lieutenant Larson's unit, striking ahead of American Third Army troops rolling into Germany, has rolled up an impressive score of Nazi trains, trucks, and other rolling stock knocked out, and all under cover of darkness. 

On midnight intruder sorties, deep into the heart of the Reich, they have exploded, razed, fired, or otherwise damaged scores of ammunitions depots, troop concentrations, factories, and communications centers. Flying protective cover for American infantry, they have shot down enemy bombers in radar-controlled dogfights.

Lieutenant Larson keeps his men informed on atmospheric conditions and what sort of weather fronts they will encounter over, and on the way to, the target. If necessary, if he feels an airman's life might be imperiled by unfavorable conditions, he will cancel flight operations for the night. His squadron is a P-61 Black Widow Night Fighter Squadron of the Third Air Force. This was the first unit to perform nocturnal strafing sorties.

Prior to entering the service in January 1943, Lieutenant Larson was employed as a cost accountant with the U.S. Rubber Company, Akron, OH. He arrived overseas in May 1944. 

He was graduated from Eau Claire High School and Eau Claire Teachers College. In the Army, he studied meteorology at the University of Chicago.