Lester V. Larson

Lester Larson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jule Larson, 704 Folsom Street, has enlisted in the United States Merchant Marine Corps and has left for Brooklyn, NY, where he will receive his training at Sheepshead Bay.

His older brother, Merlin, is also in the Merchant Marines. He was recently home on a 20-day furlough.

Merlin J. Larson, 21, Eau Claire, was among a group of men graduated this week as Ensigns in the United States Maritime Service from the Officers School at Fort Trumball, New London, CT.

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jule E. Larson, 704 Folsom Street, and his wife, Mrs. Ruth I. Larson, resides with her parents on Truax Boulevard.

Ensign Larson has served 14 months in the Merchant Marines and wears the Atlantic Service Ribbon, the Mediterranean and Middle East Ribbon, and the Pacific Ribbon with Combat Bar.

His brother, Lester V. Larson, is also in the Merchant Marines.