Lyle T. Larson

Eau Claire Naval Pilot Injured in Crash of Bomber
SAN DIEGO, CA February 18 (AP)—Engine failure was advanced today as a possible cause of the flaming crash of a four-engine patrol bomber into Navy barracks on the Coronado Strand, last night, causing six deaths and injuries to 30 other servicemen.

Coronado firemen and police reported that, as the giant plane was sweeping low over the barracks, a motor suddenly lost its power, causing it to drop.

Names of six crewmen injured were released today by the Navy. They included: Ensign L. T. Larson, 1325 South Farwell, Eau Claire, WI.

Ensign Larson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Larson. He was graduated for the Naval Air Training Center at Corpus Christi, TX last June and commissioned as a pilot.

Back on Duty After Injury in Plane Crash
Ensign L. T. Larson, United States Naval Reserve, who was severely burned in a bomber crash fatal to six at San Diego on February l7, left Monday night for the West Coast to return to active service in the Pacific Theater of Operations, after spending four days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Larson, 1325 South Farwell Street.

Ensign Larson received his commission in the Navy in May 1943,and was piloting a PB2Y, Navy four-engine bomber in the Pacific Theater. 

Ensign Larson was injured when a Navy four-engine patrol bomber crashed into a Navy barracks at Coronado, CA, as it was coming in for a landing. Six persons were killed and 30 other servicemen injured, the greatest toll being among men in the barracks. As the plane was sweeping low over the barracks, a motor suddenly lost power, causing the giant plane to drop before clearing the structures.

Ensign Larson was but recently released from a San Diego hospital where he was taken after the crash.

Lyle T. Larson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Larson, was promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant, junior grade on August 1, according to word received by his parents.

He has been serving with the Navy in the South Pacific for the past 15 months.