Donald E. Legge

Corporal Donald E. Legge, United States Marine Corps, has left for Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, CA after spending a 40-day leave with his parents,  Mr. and Mrs. E. Legge, 519 South Barstow Street, part of which was spent at the Wold-Chamberlain Hospital, Minneapolis, MN.

Corporal Legge has served 28 months in the South Pacific and has fought in five major battles on Guadalcanal, Gulagi, and Bougainville.

He entered the service on March 2, 1942 and left for overseas in June 1942.


Eau Claire Marine Member of Bougainville Gun Crew
A United States Marine defense battalion crew stand by their anti-aircraft gun, waiting for a Jap to poke his plane within range. This gun is located on Bougainville. Crew members are (front row) Private First Class Donald E. Legge, 29, Eau Claire; Private First Class J. D. Masters, 23, Brimingham, AL; Private Anthony M. David, 22, Detroit, MI; Private First Class Lynn R. Craft, 20, Douglasville, GA; Private Sam Horwitz, 18, Philadelphia, PA; (back row) Private Guy G. Lee, 21, Nashville, TN; Corporal Edward A. Murzyn, 22, Chicago, IL; and Captain Harold Hines, Chestnut Hill, IL.
(Official U.S. Marine Corps Photo)