Woodrow LeTendre

Exchange Club Speaker Here
First Lieutenant Woodrow LeTendre, former Eau Claire man now in the Air Corps, was speaker at the Exchange Club at the regular luncheon meeting at the 202 Club, Monday. 

Guests were Don LeTendre and G. C. Catlin. The boost, a sum in war savings stamps, held over because the member, whose name was drawn, was not present. 

Lieutenant LeTendre, who is spending a short leave in the city, told of the training which airmen must undergo before they are put on combat missions. Each member of the crew, the Lieutenant explained, must have an all-round knowledge of the duties of other members, although each specialized in his own particular work.

Crew members, he said, are schooled in the use of the bomb sight, duties of the bombardier and radio man, and all have a knowledge of the fundamentals of navigation and actual piloting of the plane. In addition, the basic training course includes a course in small arms, which makes each member of the crew an expert with them.