Gale N. Lightfoot

Private Gale N. Lightfoot, with the 230th Battalion, IRTC, Camp Blanding, GA, has received a medal for sharpshooting.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Lightfoot of Altoona.  He entered the Army in September of this year.

Private Gale N. Lightfoot, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Lightfoot, Altoona, has arrived somewhere in the Southwestern Pacific area, according to word received by his parents.  

He entered the service on October 7, 1943 and received his training at Camp Blanding, FL and Fort Ord, CA.

Aided Wounded on Corregidor

WITH THE 24TH INFANTRY (VICTORY) DIVISION IN THE PHILIPPINES—Private First Class Gale N. Lightfoot, Eau Claire, played a vital part in the spectacular assault that wrested the powerful fortress of Corregidor from the Japanese.

Lightfoot, a Medical Corpsman, attached to this “Victory” Division’s crack 34th Infantry Regiment, tended wounded, bore litters, helped save many a life during the bitter fighting fighting on the barren, blasted "Rock."

Exposed almost constantly to enemy fire on the minute, fly-ridden battlefield, frequently short of water, baked by blazing sun, he risked his life countless times to perform his duty while driving infantrymen [**data missing**] roted hundreds of burrowing enemy from caves and tunnels.

“They’ll never stop us now,” he said.  “If they couldn’t hold Corregidor, they can’t hold anything.”