Donald J. Lighthizer

Staff Sergeant Donald Lighthizer has arrived in England, according to a letter received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lighthizer, Augusta.  He entered the Army Air Forces on November 22, 1942.  He is an aerial gunner and radio operator.

He received training in gunnery and radio at Miami, FL; Truax Field, Madison; and Harlingen, TX.  He received a course in armorer’s bombardment at Lowery Field, CO; also other training in UT, WA, and NE.


Private Dorman B. Lighthizer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lighthizer, Augusta, has arrived in Africa, according to a V-mail letter received by his parents.  

He entered the service on October 25, 1941 and received his training at Camp Wolters, TX and Jackson Barracks, LA.  

Private Lighthizer, who is with the Airborne Infantry, spent 17 months in the Panama Canal Zone. Since returning to the States, he has been stationed at the Maxton Army Air Base, NC.  

He has a younger brother, Donald J. Lighthizer, with the Eighth Air Force in England.

Staff Sergeant Donald J. Lighthizer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lighthizer, Augusta, tail gunner on a Flying Fortress, was decorated with the Air Medal “for exceptionally meritorious achievement, while participating in five separate bomber combat missions over enemy- occupied Europe.”  He is stationed at an Eighth Army Air Forces Bomber Station in England.  Staff Sergeant Lighthizer was graduated from Augusta High School.