Archie John Lowman

The following enlisted in the Navy at the recruiting office in Milwaukee on March 1 and 2; Lyle Allen McNair, 318 North Dewey Street; John Erick Steinberg, 2031 Crescent Avenue; and Lincoln Richard Walker, 326 Fourth Avenue, Eau Claire; Richard Allan Roen, Jack George Franklin, Richard Lewis Jeatran, Archie John Lowman, and Robert Ross Marine of Menomonie; Alvin Arthur Holstein, Mondovi, Route 4; Garth Earl Melville, Fall Creek; and Lawrence Ronald Jensen of Elroy.

Twins Fight Side by Side in Germany, Brother in Hawaii

The twin sons of Mrs. Janet Lowman, 221 Wilson Street, Menomonie, and their brother, are all serving overseas.

Private Matthew W. Lowrnan and Private Harvey E. Lowman, twins, age 19, have been together since they entered the service and are now in Germany.

They were inducted into the service on February 5, 1944 at Fort Sheridan. They trained with an armored tank division at Fort Knox, KY for 17 weeks and were home on furlough together last June. They went to Fort Mead, MD and then overseas and were stationed in England until August 15.

Side by side, they fought the battles for the liberation of France, Belgium, and, now, are somewhere in Germany.

Their younger brother, Archie John Lowman, Seaman Second Class, age 17, is somewhere in the Hawaiian Islands. He enlisted in the Navy at Chippewa Falls on February 18, 1944 and received his boot training at Great Lakes, IL. He was home on leave last May. He received further training at Shoemaker, CA and then was stationed at San Francisco for a short period.