Charles A. Ludwikoski

Eau Claire and Stone Lake Men Receive Awards
Corporal Charles A. Ludwikoski, whose home is 436 1/2 North Barstow Street, has been awarded the Air Medal by Lieutenant General M. F. Harmon for meritorious achievements in the South Pacific.

Corporal Ludwikoski won the award while serving as Aerial Engineer Gunner between December 31 and March [?],  last, according to announcement by General Harmon. The award was made May 11. He was a member of the 13th Army Air Forces.

Honor Stone Lake Man
Staff Sergeant George Gokey, Route [?], Stone Lake, WI, has been awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action in Fifth Army attacks at Anzio Beachhead.

During an enemy attack, Gokey left his foxholes and, as enemy shells burst within 20 yards of him, continued toward the Germans. When Germans attempted to infiltrate through American lines, he killed one and wounded the other with hand grenades.

With his Tommy gun, he later killed three enemy snipers and wounded a fourth, thereby recapturing an American machine gun.

Aerial Gunner Gets Promotion

HEADQUARTERS, 13TH AAF, South Pacific—Charles A. Ludwikoski, son of Mrs. Paul Ludwikoski, 436 North Barstow Street, Eau Claire, WI, was recently promoted from Corporal to the grade of Sergeant.

Ludwikoski, a gunner on a hard-hitting Billy Mitchell medium bomber of the 13th Army Air Forces, has some 30 combat missions to his credit, all of them over Jap strongholds in the South Pacific Theater.

Sergeant Ludwikoski, who was graduated from the Eau Claire Senior High School, Eau Claire, WI, enlisted in the Army Air Forces in October 1941.  He has been overseas since September 1943.

Sergeant Awarded Combat Star After Battle in Pacific
IN COMBAT WITH THE XlV CORPS SERVICE COMMAND IN THE SOUTHWEST PACIFIC—Paul C. Ludwikoski, 24 years old, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, was awarded the Asiatic-Pacific Ribbon with the Combat Star for his participation in the Battle of Bougainville. His mother, Mrs. Sopia Ludwikoski, lives at 436 1/2 North Barstow Street, Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

In civilian life, Sergeant Ludwikoski worked for the Cardinal Shoe Company and, in the Army, he works repairing shoes. He is a member of a Salvage and Repair Company and is a foreman in the Shoe Repair Section. His civilian experience stands him in good stead. In the Southwest Pacific, where the inclement weather plays havoc with shoes, the repair of shoes becomes so much more important. 

The Sergeant has two brothers in the service. One brother he met at his present island station, Staff Sergeant Charles Ludwikoski of the Army Air Corps. His other brother, Corporal John Ludwikoski, is in the Tank Corps in Italy.

Sergeant Ludwikoski has been in the Army two years. Trained at Camp Lee, Virginia and Camp Ellis, Illinois, he came overseas in January 1944. In addition to the Combat Star, he holds the Good Conduct Medal.

Air Medal Award Given to S/Sgt. Charles Ludwikoski

Staff Sergeant Charles A. Ludwikoski, son of Mrs. Sophia Ludwikoski, 436 North Barstow Street, was recently presented the Air Medal for meritorious achievement while participating in combat missions in the South Pacific Theater of Operations, according to a dispatch from the 13th Army Air Force Headquarters.

Sergeant Ludwikoski, Engineer Gunner in a squadron of Billy Mitchell medium bombers, joined the Army in October 1941.  He arrived in the South Pacific in September 1943.

Sergeant Charles A. Ludwikoski was awarded an Oak Leaf Cluster in lieu of an additional Air Medal on June 27, 1944 by Lieutenant General Millard Harmon, commanding United States Army Forces in the South Pacific.  His mother, Mrs. Sophie Ludwikoski, resides at 436 ½ North Barstow Street.

Completed 420 Hours on B-25

SANTA ANA, CA—Staff Sergeant Charles A. Ludwikoski, 23, son of Mrs. Sophia Ludwikoski of 436 ½ North Barstow Street, Eau Claire, is currently assigned to the Army Air Forces Redistribution Station No. 4 at Santa Ana Army Air Base.

Sergeant Ludwikoski, who has completed 420 hours as an Engineer Gunner in a B-25, entered the service in October 1941 and went overseas in September 1943.  He has been awarded the Air Medal with seven Oak Leaf Clusters and four Battle Stars for his participation in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater with the 13th Air Force.

At this redistribution station, an operation of the Personnel Distribution Command, combat returnees of the Army Air Forces receive complete medical examinations, classification interviews, and reassignment to domestic stations of the Army Air Force.

Home After 67 Combat Missions in Pacific Area
HEADQUARTERS, 13th AAF, Southwest Pacific—With a record of 67 combat missions flown as Engineer-Gunner in the crew of a Mitchell medium bomber with the Crusaders, medium bombardment unit of the 13th Army Air Forces, logged on his flying record, Staff Sergeant Charles A. Ludwikoski soon will arrive home, 436 North Barstow Street, for a well-earned furlough.

Overseas since September 1943, Sergeant Ludwikoski could relate a thrilling tale of his aerial activities, opening with his initial missions over Rabaul, New Britain and its satellite airfields at the peak of the Solomon Islands-Bismarck Archipelago aerial offensive, and closing with a long series of bombing and strafing raids on Japanese airfields and supply installations in the Netherland East Indies, which scotched the enemy's plans of using these bases to oppose our return to the Philippines.

Son of Mrs. Paul Ludwikoski, the Sergeant was graduated from Eau Claire Senior High School. He enlisted in the Army in October,1941. Sergeant Ludwikoski has been awarded the Air Medal with Bronze and Silver Oak Leaf Clusters for his meritorious service in aerial combat.