Edward Ludwikoski

Eau Claire Man Top Sergeant of Service Unit in Australia

SOMEWHERE IN AUSTRALIA—First Sergeant Edward Ludwikoski of Eau Claire, WI is attached to an Army Reconditioning Center where he is “top-kicking” the Special Service Unit attached to this camp.

Sergeant Ludwikoski joined the National Guard in November 1938.  He received his basic training at Camp Livingston, LA and sailed for Australia in April 1942 with the 32nd Division.  He saw action in the Battle of Buna as Communications Sergeant and was promoted to the grade of First Sergeant shortly after.

Sergeant Ludwikoski is the son of Mr. and Mrs. August Grimm of 102 Vine Street, Eau Claire.

Sergeant Ludwikoski graduated from Eau Claire High School in 1937 and was attending the Eau Claire Vocational School when he joined the service.

Sergeant Richard Ludwikoski, son of Mrs. August Grimm, 102 Vine Street , is now in England according to word received his  mother.  

He enlisted in the Air Corps in 1941 and was an instructor at Jefferson Barracks, MO before going overseas.  

He has two brothers in the service, Major John W. Ludwikoski, stationed in New Guinea, and First Sergeant Edward, who has been in Australia for the past 27 months

John P. Ludwikoski has been promoted from Major to Lieutenant Colonel, according to information received by his mother, Mrs. August Grimme, 102 Vine Street.

Lieutenant Colonel Ludwikoski is now stationed at Camp Robinson, AR and recently spent a leave in Eau Claire.  He returned to the United States last August, after fighting in New Guinea.

He left the United States at the beginning of the Pacific War as a First Lieutenant and was with Company B of the National Guard from Eau Claire.

Two brothers are also in the Army:  First Sergeant Edward Ludwikoski, who is home on furlough from the Pacific, and Sergeant Richard Ludwikoski, who is serving in France.  First Sergeant Edward also was with Company B from Eau Claire and served in New Guinea.