John P. Ludwikoski

Sergeant Richard Ludwikoski, son of Mrs. August Grimm, 102 Vine Street , is now in England according to word received his  mother.  

He enlisted in the Air Corps in 1941 and was an instructor at Jefferson Barracks, MO before going overseas.  

He has two brothers in the service, Major John P. Ludwikoski, stationed in New Guinea, and First Sergeant Edward, who has been in Australia for the past 27 months.

John Ludwikoski Now Lt. Colonel

John P. Ludwikoski has been promoted from Major to Lieutenant Colonel, according to information received by his mother, Mrs. August Grimm, 102 Vine Street.

Lieutenant Colonel Ludwikoski is now stationed at Camp Robinson, AR and recently spent a leave in Eau Claire.  He returned to the United States last August, after fighting in New Guinea.

He left the United States at the beginning of the Pacific War as a First Lieutenant and was with Company B of the National Guard from Eau Claire.

Two brothers are also in the Army:  First Sergeant Edward Ludwikoski, who is home on furlough from the Pacific, and Sergeant Richard Ludwikoski, who is serving in France.  First Sergeant Edward also was with Company B from Eau Claire and served in New Guinea.

10 Eau Claire Men Back from Action in South Pacific
Medical, Infantrymen on Furlough Here
Three Eau Claire Infantrymen have returned from 27 months service in the Southwest Pacific Theater of War Operations and six with 28 months service in the Medical Corps in that war zone. One soldier has returned from 24 months of service in the Transportation Corps there. The soldiers, who returned on the same troop transport, are spending 21-day furloughs here. 

Major John P. Ludwikoski, Infantry, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. August Grimm, 102 Vine Street. He left with the Wisconsin National Guard in October 1940. After receiving training at Camp Livingston, LA, he was sent to Australia. From Australia, he was transferred to New Guinea, where he participated in the Buna Campaign. After going back to Australia, he was again sent to New Guinea, from where he returned home.  

First Lieutenant James Young, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Young, 210 Whipple Street, is visiting his wife and family here. Lieutenant Young entered the service in June 1938 as a Second Lieutenant and trained at Fort Warren, WY and other camps in the United States. In July 1943, he was sent to Australia as a Transportation Corpsman. From there, he went to other bases in the Southwest Pacific, usually following up invasion forces.

Technical Sergeant Ralph Miller, son of Mrs. Lola Miller, 128 Chippewa Street, and Technician Fifth Grade Leonard Husebo, son of Mrs. Olin Husebo, 727 Churchill Street, have also returned from 27 months service in the Southwest Pacific. They both entered the Armed Forces in October 1940 with the National Guard and received training at Camp Livingston, LA. Sergeant  Miller was in the Infantry and Technician Fifth Grade Husebo was connected with a  Headquarters Company. They were together in Australia for several months. Sergeant Miller and Major Ludwikoski were in the same Infantry division. 

Corporal George Aldworth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Aldworth, 1208 Cedar Street, is visiting his wife and parents. Technician Fourth Grade Edward Prueher, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Prueher, 132 Broadway; Sergeant William Stelter, son of Mrs. Emily Stelter, 543 Starr Avenue; Sergeant Lyman Werner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Werner, 508 Babcock Street; Staff Sergeant James Stensrud, son of John Stensrud, 413 Wisconsin Street; and Technician Fifth Grade Wayne Kronenberg, son of Frank Kronenberg, 635 Spring Street, are spending 21-day furloughs, here, after serving 28 months in the Medical Corps in the Southwest Pacific. 

Corporal Aldworth, Technician Fourth Grade Prueher, Technician Fifth Grade Kronenberg, and Sergeant Stensrud entered the service on April 9, 1941 and received their training at Camp Shelby, MS, after which they were sent overseas. Sergeant Stelter and Sergeant Werner were inducted on April 8, 1941 and also trained at Camp Shelby, MS. Corporal Aldworth, Sergeant Stelter, Technician Fourth Grade Prueher, and Sergeant Stensrud were located together, and the six men saw each other occasionally. They have been stationed at Australia, New Guinea, and New Britain.

All ten Eau Claire men wear American Defense Ribbons, signifying that they were in the Army before the war was declared on December 8, 1941.