Jeanne Elizabeth Lund

Eau Claire Girls in WAVES End Basic Training
Three Eau Claire girls in the WAVES [Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Services] have just completed their basic training and indoctrination course at the Naval Training School, the Bronx, New York City and have received orders to report for further instruction. All have ratings of Seaman Second Class.

Marcella L. Mueller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mueller, 430 Jefferson Street, graduate of Eau Claire High School, and Jeanne Elizabeth Lund, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Lund, 1703 Rust Street, graduate of St. Patrick's High School, will report to the Oklahoma A & M College, Stillwater, OK.

Margery J. McGruer, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. John J. McGruer, 229 McKinley Avenue, will report to the NATC Aerial Free Gunnery School, Pensacola, FL. She attends State Teachers College here and the University of Wisconsin.

Jeanne E. Lund, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Archie R. Lund, 1703 Rust Street, this city, a recent graduate of the Naval Training School for Yeomen on the Oklahoma A & M University Campus, Stillwater, OK, has reported for duty to the command of 12th Naval District, San Francisco, CA.