Richard Martin Lund

Naval Aviation Cadet Richard M. Lund, son of Mrs. Anna Lund, 764 First Avenue, has completed his pre-flight training at Chapel Hill, NC.  He has been transferred to Glenview, IL for primary flight training.  Cadet Lund was graduated from Eau Claire High School in 1940 and attended state teachers college, where he won letters in basketball and baseball, playing one year of professional ball with the Eau Claire Bears.

Richard Martin Lund, Seaman Second Class, husband of Audrey J. Lund, 722 Market Street, has completed training in weather observation at the Navy Aerographer’s School at the Naval Air Station (Lighter-than-Air) at Lakehurst, NJ.  Seaman Lund, a former student at the Eau Claire State Teachers College, enlisted in the United States Navy on July 1, 1943.