Allan. R Lynnes

Aviation Cadet Allan R. Lynnes has arrived at Grider Field, Pine Bluff, AR, where he will receive his primary training as a pilot in the Army Air Corps.

Aviation Cadet Allan R. Lynnes has completed primary school for pilots at Pine Bluff, AR and is now stationed at the Army Air Forces Basic Flying School at Independence, KS.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Lynnes, 1616 Emery Street.  He was called into active service on March 27, 1943.

Lieutenant A. R. Lynnes Now in Training as Fighter Pilot

Second Lieutenant Allan R. Lynnes, 20, of 1616 Emery Street, is now in training as a fighter pilot at Fort Sumner Army Air Field, Fort Sumner, NM.

Lieutenant Lynnes, son of  Mr. and Mrs. Albin J. Lynnes, received his wings in June.

The Commanding Officer of this Fighter Pilot’s Training School is Colonel Fred Feasel, who is, himself, a pilot.

Second Lieutenant Allan R. Lynnes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albin J. Lynnes, 1616 Emery Street, is completing his training at Fort Sumner, NM as a fighter pilot and will soon head into combat.

Lieutenant Allan R. Lynnes, fighter pilot, U.S. Amy Air Corps, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Lynnes, 1616 Emery Street, has been transferred from Fort Sumner, NM to Majors Field, Greenville, TX, where he has been assigned to a P-47 (Thunderbolt) fighter plane.  He previously flew a P-40 fighter during four months training at Fort Sumner.

Allan R. Lynnes, 1616 Emery Street, was graduated from the Army Air Forces Central Flying Training Command's Advanced Pilot School at Eagle Pass Army Air Field, Texas, Tuesday, June 27. He was commissioned Second Lieutenant and awarded silver pilot's wings.

Lieutenant Lynnes enlisted in October 1942. He reported to Keesler Field, MS on March 27, 1943. From there, he went to Indiana Central College and Butler University at Indianapolis, IN. He received his classification and pre-flight training at San Antonio, Texas and his primary flying at Pine Bluff, AR. He took his basic training at Independence, KS and received his advanced training at Eagle Pass, Texas.

He is now receiving fighter pilot training.

Lieutenant Lynnes is a graduate of the Eau Claire Senior High School and attended the Eau Claire State Teachers College. He is the son of Mr. and. Mrs. A. J. Lynnes, 1616 Emery Street.

Private Thom Lehman, who is stationed at San Antonio, TX, spent Sunday through Wednesday with Aviation Cadet Allen R. Lynnes at Eagle Pass, TX to be present when Allen received his silver pilot wings on Tuesday.

Lieutenant Allan Lynnes, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Lynnes, 1616 Emery Street, is spending a 14-day leave here.  He was commissioned a fighter pilot June 27 at the Eagle Pass, TX Army Air Field and received his transitional and gunnery training there.  He will report to Harding Field, Baton Rouge, LA on August 17.

Private Tom Lehman and Lieutenant Allan Lynnes left on the “400” Thursday for their respective destinations,  San  Antonio, TX and Baton Rouge, LA.      

Army Officer on Leave Here Hurt in Car Accident

Lieutenant Allan Lynnes, United States Army Air Corps, whose home address is 1616 Emery Street, was hurt in an automobile accident at 8:15 p.m. Tuesday when the car in which he and Private First Class Joseph Hagman, 1621 Altoona Avenue, were riding tipped over.

Hagman was not injured.  He is home on furlough from Charleston, SC, where he is attached to a hospital unit.

Lieutenant Lynnes received a gash on the left cheek, cuts on the nose, and minor scratches on the head and hands.  His leave has been extended because of the accident and he will report to Baton Rouge, LA in about four days.

The accident occurred on Highway 93 about three miles south of Eau Claire as they were returning from a visit to Lynnes’ uncle's farm,  according to State Traffic Officer Seth Calkins.

The automobile was damaged considerably .

Lieutenant Allan R. Lynnes of Eau Claire is scheduled this week to complete combat training in the P-47 Thunderbolt fighter at the Second Air Force Base, Majors Field, TX.  The son of Mr. and Mrs. Albin J. Lynnes, 1616 Emery Street, Eau Claire, Lieutenant Lynnes likely will be sent to a combat theater in the near future.