Alex MacLaughlin

According to word received by his wife, the former Anabel Betz, of this city, Sergeant Alex MacLaughlin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh MacLaughlin, 301 Ferry Street, has arrived in Italy. 

After receiving his basic training at Salt Lake City, Utah, he attended a school of chemical warfare at Fort George Wright, WA. He received further training at air bases at De Ridder, LA; Desert Center, CA; Charlotte, NC; Bowling Green, KY; and Newport News, VA. 

He is with a Liaison Squadron.

Alex MacLaughlin, whose wife, Annabelle, lives at 301 Ferry Street, now wears a golden yellow cloth wreath on his right sleeve. He is a member of the 72nd Liaison Squadron which was awarded the Meritorious Service Plaque for operations of exceptional merit in the European Theater of Operations between August 15 and December 31, last year, entitling all members to wear the wreath.