Darell L. Maier

Three Maier brothers, sons of Mrs. Theresa Coaty, Plum City, and nephews of Mrs. Frank Marchino, Second Street, are now serving with the Army.

Second Lieutenant Royce J. Maier is a fighter pilot, stationed in Italy and recently was awarded the Air Medal. Lieutenant Maier enlisted on February 18, 1943 and received his commission at William Field, AZ on February 8, 1944. He has been in foreign service since July 28, 1944 and has flown 34 missions for a total of 76 combat hours.

Staff Sergeant Darell L. Maier is now stationed at the Army Air Forces base, Fresno, CA. He was stationed in England for 28 months. Staff Sergeant Maier enlisted in the Army at Eau Claire in July 1941 and married a girl from Illinois before going overseas.

Staff Sergeant Denver T. Maier is now home on furlough from the Philippine Islands. He enlisted in the Army at Minneapolis in January 1942 and was overseas three years, first in Australia, then New Guinea, and finally took part in the Philippine invasion.