Ervin E. Manthei

Serve with Tank Outfit in Italy
Corporal Ervin E. Manthei, son of Mr. Martin Manthei, 1722 Badger Avenue, Eau Claire, a cook, and Private First Class Reinhardt A. Brummond, son of Mrs. Amelia Brummund, Fall Creek, a truck driver, are members of the 757th Tank Battalion, Fifth Army outfit, functioning as artillery from behind the ridges bordering Italy's Po Valley on the south.

Hard-packed snow and ice in treacherous country prohibit orthodox tank tactics involving maneuver. The tanks are kept under cover in daylight, within 2000 yards of the enemy. At night, they are wheeled up to firing points only a few yards away, where their fire power is utilized in performance of field artillery missions.

Commanded until recently by Lieutenant Colonel William C. Dickey, 4430 Trowbridge Avenue, El Paso, TX, the 757th experienced mobile warfare at its most spectacular for the entire distance between the Garigliano and Arno Rivers. The tankers kicked off with four divisions of French infantrymen last May 11, knifed through the Gustav and Hitler Lines, and drove up Highway 2 out of Rome to take Viterbo and be among the first Allied troops in Siena.

One German-occupied town south of Siena, commanding terrain 20 miles away in all directions and ordered held at all costs for at least three days, was taken by the 757th in three hours, without a casualty. The German defenders were completely taken by surprise when a sub airplane betrayed all their gun[**data missing**]