Valentine Manthei

Valentine Manthei, Jr., 1515 Highland Avenue, and Eugene James Newton, 144 South Ninth Street, Eau Claire; Daniel Francis McHugh, 140 Park Place, Chippewa Falls; Russell Allen Tietz, Dallas; James Edward Dodmead, Osseo; and Daniel Alfons Slupski and Francis Albert Hedler, Thorp, were among the enlistees for August 1 at the Navy Recruiting Station in Milwaukee.

Gerald Patneaude, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Patneaude, 1009 Hastings Way, and Valentine Manthei, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Manthei, 1513 Highland Avenue, are receiving their initial Naval indoctrination at the Naval Training Center at Great Lakes, IL.

Val Manthei, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs.Val Manthei of Detroit, formerly of Eau Claire, is receiving his boot training at the Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL.

Serve on the Seas or Overseas
Valentine Manthei, Seaman Second Class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Val Manthei, 1513 Highland Avenue, is now serving in the South Pacific. 

He entered the service on August 1, 1944 and received boot training at Great Lakes, IL. He also trained at Little Creek, VA and New Orleans, LA, before going overseas on  March, 1, 1945. 

In Hawaii recently, he met a neighbor, Charles Kunz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kunz, Badger Avenue.