Clarence M. Marcellis

Marcellis Brothers Spend 3 Day Pass Together in Africa
Sergeant Martin M. Marcellis and Corporal Clarence M. Marcellis, son of Mrs. M. Marcellis, Chippewa Falls, met in North Africa for the first time in two years recently.

The two boys spent a three- day pass together.

Corporal Marcellis entered the service on January 8, 1942 and has served in North Africa since October 1942. He is with the Quarter master Company.

Sergeant Marcellis entered the service on October 11, 1940 and just recently arrived in North Africa. He is with the Headquarters Division. He was, at one time, chosen the "typical American soldier" and has a life- size portrait of himself in front of the headquarters at Camp Gruber, OK.