Reinhart H. Martinson

Private Reinhart H. Martinson, son of Mrs. Millie Martinson, 421 North Dewey Street, ammunition bearer, is a member of the 337th "Wolverine" Regiment which recently took 3000-foot Mount Pratone in the Gothic Line, digging German soldiers out of elaborate concrete pillboxes and earthworks on its forested slopes, according to a field press story from Italy.

Private First Class Reinhart H. Martinson, son of Mr. and Mrs.. Henry Martinson, 421 North Dewey Street, Eau Claire, has returned from 15 months overseas in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations on the United States Hospital Ship Thistle. He is being treated temporarily at Stark General Hospital, prior to being transferred to another Army hospital for definitive treatment. Private First Class Martinson holds the Combat Infantry Badge, an Italian Campaign Ribbon with two stars, and the Good Conduct Medal.