Lawrence Mass

Returned Veterans Now at Hot Springs
Recently three returned veterans from Eau Claire have checked in at the Army Ground and Service Forces Redistribution Station in Hot Springs. They will be here for approximately two weeks for processing and reassignment.

These returnees are Corporal Kenneth F. DesForge, Route 3, veteran of 22 months in the American Theater of War; Corporal Lawrence Mass, 720 Doty Street, who spent 29 months in the Southwest Pacific; and Private John Ludwikoski, 436 North Barstow Street, who was overseas 25 months in Africa and Italy. All three veterans came to Hot Springs after spending 21-day furloughs in Eau Claire.

In Hot Springs, they are quartered in one of the four redistribution station hotels, where all the hotel furnishings and services have been maintained. Aside for the few military appointments necessary to reassignment, they will be free to enjoy a broad program of recreation and entertainment planned for the returnees.

Under the Redistribution Station Program, veterans' wives may share their hotel accommodations at very little cost. Taking advantage of this plan, Private Ludwikoski brought his wife to Hot Springs with him.