Delos H. Mathiesen

Lieutenant Delos H. Mathiesen, United States Heavy Field Artillery, now in England, where he has been stationed the past two years, has been promoted to Captain, according to word received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hans Mathiesen. Captain Mathiesen entered the service on March 9, 1941.

Capt. Mathiesen Awarded Bronze Star in Germany
Mr. and Mrs. H. Mathiesen, 426 East Madison Street, have been notified that their son, Captain Delos H. Mathiesen, Field Artillery, has been awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service performed in action in Germany.

Captain Mathiesen has been in action in Europe since last June, taking part in the battles for the ports of Cherbourg and Brest and the breakthrough at St. Lo. He fought with his unit through France, parts of Belgium and Holland, and is now in Germany.

In a recent letter, he told of a tour of duty as an Artillery Liaison Officer with the Infantry. Starting an attack at dawn, a command post was set up in a farm yard and then moved forward, keeping about 100 yards behind the front lines. Making a front line inspection with the colonel in charge of the command post, they ran into fire from a German 200mm ack ack gun and were pinned down in fox holes until American artillery relieved the situation. 

Mortar fire and machine gun bullets were too close for comfort all during the day, Captain Mathiesen wrote. The night was spent in a fox hole. This, he said, was just a sample of one of 17 days spent with the Infantry. 

"The  doughboy is still the key man in this  world and I will take off my hat to him any day," he concluded.