Frank S. Matz

Infantryman Badge Given Frank Matz
HEADQUARTERS, Panama Canal Department—Technical Sergeant Frank S. Matz, Eau Claire soldier serving with the Panama Mobile Force and Security Command, has been awarded the Expert Infantryman's Badge—hard-won mark of the crack foot soldier, Mobile Force Headquarters announces. 

To qualify for the badge, Matz has passed grueling tests in every phase of Infantry training from jungle combat and village fighting to first aid and field sanitation. The award entitles him to a five-dollar  raise in his monthly pay.

Conducted in some of the roughest jungle terrain in Central America, the physical part of the test for the badge calls for the utmost in stamina and endurance. A typical requirement is the completion of a 25-mile forced march in eight hours.

Infantrymen qualifying for the award must use their heads as well as their feet in the difficult tactical phases of the examination which include map reading, combat observation, camouflage, and the running of combat reaction courses.

Matz entered the Army in July 1942 and received his basic training at Camp Swift, TX. He came to Panama for foreign service in February of last year and, since that time, has been serving here at jungle training areas and vital guard positions on the Panama Canal.

A graduate of Eau Claire State Teachers College, Matz was employed as a teacher by the Winter School Board prior to entering the Army. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Matz of 607 South Dewey Street, Eau Claire.