Martin A. G. Mayer

Eau Claire Men Meet in Flight Over Persian Gulf

Lieutenant Manley B. Monsen, 1209 Emery Street, Army Signal Corps, tells of meeting three men from Wisconsin, one of whom worked in Eau Claire, on a flight over the Persian Gulf, recently, in a letter to his wife here

Lieutenant Monsen's duties in Army construction work carry him to many parts of Iran and Arabia on jobs as far apart as Eau Claire and Seattle.

On the trip in question, he writes that the pilot of the plane was First Lieutenant Martin A. G. Mayer of Loyal and the co-pilot, Second Lieutenant William A. Lane of Boise, ID, both of whom he had known for some time.

He took Mayer's seat in the cock pit shortly after taking off, while the pilot went through the plane and checked the load. When Mayer returned, he told Lieutenant Monsen there was an MP from Eau Claire in the plane, and Monsen went back for a visit.

The man was Ronald J. Paulsrud, whose parents live at Chetek. Paulsrud had made his home in Eau Claire for six or eight years and has two brothers, Burnett and Calvin, now employed at the Gillette plant here. With Paulsrud on the plane was Clayton G. Ball of Melrose, another member of the Military Police Battalion.

Another MP was from Iron River, MI and Lieutenant Monsen reports an enjoyable visit, sailing along, high above the clouds.