Donald G. McDonel

Local Soldier with Marauder Group in India
NEW DELHI, India—Private First Class Donald G. McDonel, son of Mrs. Verna McDonel, 121 Ann Street, Eau Claire, WI, is now identified as a member of Major General Frank Merrill's Marauders who won the coveted Presidential Citation for their exploits behind Jap lines in northern Burma.

McDonel, holder of the Combat Infantry Badge for "exemplary conduct in combat," participated in the 700-mile march to Myitkyina, former Nip stronghold, and is authorized a Bronze Campaign Star.

At one point along the route of march, McDonel and his unit were cut off and surrounded by a superior Nip force. Withdrawing to a high ridge, the unit stood off repeated Nip attacks for 12 days. Another band of Marauders, coming to their aid, broke the Nip lines to open up a means of escape.

Before his induction in 1942, McDonel attended the local Eau Claire High School. His first overseas station was the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean Sea. Leaving there nine months later, he joined the Marauders and has served almost one year in CBI-Land.

Home from China Burma India Area

Private First Class Donald G. McDonel, member of the famous Merrill's Mauraders, who won the Presidential Citation for their exploits behind Jap lines in northern Burma, is in the city, spending a 21-day furlough with his mother, Mrs. Vera McDonel, 121 Ann Street.

Private First Class McDonel served 22 months overseas, 12 months of which were spent in the China, Burma, India Theater. This is his first furlough since he entered the Armed Forces 27 months ago. 

He will report to Hot Springs, AR for reassignment.


Pfc. D. G. McDonel Gets Combat Badge

Private First Class Donald G. McDonel, 121 Ann Street, Eau Claire, was one of seventeen veterans awarded Combat Infantryman's Badges by Colonel John P. Wheeler, Commanding Officer of the Army Ground and Service Forces Redistribution Station, Hot Springs, AR.

The station's band played military music, and personnel of the station complement stood in formation while the presentation was being made.

The Combat Infantryman's Badge is presented only to those Infantrymen who have been in actual combat and have performed their duties in battle so well that they deserve the decoration in recognition of their courage, resourcefulness, and ability as fighting foot soldiers.

McDonel is living in one of four major Hot Springs hotels and will stay there for about two weeks. While at the redistribution station, he will receive a complete physical examination, have his records checked, and be reassigned to a new unit.