Raymond A. McFarlane

Lieutenant Raymond A. McFarlane has arrived in Hawaii, according to word received by his wife who resides at 320 Starr Avenue. 

Lieutenant McFarlane entered the service on October 31, 1942. He received his basic training at Fort McClellan, AL and graduated from Fort Benning Officers Candidate School on April 18, 1943  with a commission as Second Lieutenant in the Infantry. 

He was then sent to Camp Robinson, AR; Camp Fannin, TX; Camp White, OR; and Fort Ord, CA before going overseas.

Leads Patrol to Find Jap Position

WITH THE 38TH DIVISION ON LUZON—Nips that can't be dug out by riflemen alone must be softened up first by our artillery.

Led by First Lieutenant Raymond A. McFarlane of Eau Claire, a platoon of the 151st Infantry went out to find one of these dug-in positions for our artillery.

Slipping through bamboo thickets and heavy brush, the 38th Cyclone Division soldiers finally came upon their objective. Enemy fire slightly wounded one Yank, but the patrol got back with the information. The Japs that attempted to follow were stopped by small arms fire.

Lieutenant McFarlane is the son of Mrs. Anna McFarlane, who resides at 425 Hobart Street, Eau Claire. His wife is the former Loretta Trimbell, who lives with her son at 320 Starr Avenue.

Lieutenant McFarlane holds the Asiatic-Pacific Ribbon with one Campaign Star and the Philippines Liberation Ribbon.

Wipe Out Score of Careless Japs
WITH THE 38TH DIVISION ON LUZON—Although he fights savagely in battle, the Jap soldier in the Philippines is sometimes careless—just once, Lieutenant Raymond A. McFarlane, Eau Claire, learned on a recent patrol.

"Our whole battalion was moving up through the jungle-clad hills," Lieutenant McFarlane, a member of the 151st Infantry, 38th Division, reported. " Our patrol was ahead, scouting, when we came upon a score of Japs calmly setting up camp for the night not 200 yards from where the main body of our troops had halted.

"They didn't even have a guard out," he continued. "It may have been their first mistake, but it was sure as hell their last, too. Not one escaped."

Lieutenant McFarlane is the son of Mrs. Anna McFarlane, 425 Hobart Street, and the husband of the former Loretta Trimbell, 626 Bellinger Street. He has been overseas for the past sixteen months.

Infantry Officer Serving on Bataan

First Lieutenant Raymond McFarlane was recently promoted to that rank, according to word received by his wife, Loretta, 425 Hobart Street.

He is now fighting in the Philippines and was slightly wounded on Luzon February 10. However, Mrs. McFarlane has had several letters from him since that time.

The Lieutenant, an Infantry officer, was commissioned at Fort Benning, GA in April 1943. He entered the service on October 31, 1942. Since going overseas in February 1944, he has been at Hawaii, New Guinea, Luzon, and is now on Bataan.


Lt. Ray McFarlane Gets Combat Badge

WITH THE 38TH DIVISION, on Bataan—First Lieutenant Raymond A. McFarlane, Platoon Leader of the 151st Infantry, has been awarded the Combat Infantry Badge for participating in the battle for Zigzag Pass, Purple Heart Hill, and the liberation of Battan.

His wife, Mrs. Loretta Hattie McFarlane, lives at 425 Hobart Street, Eau Claire, WI. He attended Eau Claire High School.

Lieutenant McFarlane has been overseas of the past 15 months, serving in Hawaii, New Guinea, and the Philippines. He also holds the Asiatic-Pacific Medal with two Campaign Stars and the Philippine Liberation Medal.