Virginia D. McNaughton

Mrs. Nora McNaughton of Chippewa Falls announces the engagement of her daughter, Corporal Virginia McNaughton, to Sergeant Robert Wareham, son of Mrs. Henrietta Wareham of Baraboo. 

Corporal McNaughton is now in San Francisco. Sergeant Wareham is serving in New Guinea.

Virginia McNaughton of the Women's Army Corps, now stationed in England, has been promoted from Corporal to Sergeant, according to word received by her mother, Mrs. Nora McNaughton of Chippewa Falls.

Eau Claire WAC Is Commended for Work in England
An AIR SERVICE COMMAND DEPOT, England—A former inspector for the National Pressure Cooker Company in Eau Claire, Women's Army Corps Sergeant Virginia D. McNaughton, has recently been commended for her work with the Air Inspector's Office of the Air Service Command in England.  Her present duties, however, are not in any way similar to the established procedures of inspection found in the Eau Claire cooker concern. 

The Air Inspector's Office, where she is a Communications Expediter, inspects every administrative and operational function of the Air Service Command. Combat aircraft repair outfits, trucking units, supply sections, and every other organization within the Command are periodically inspected by the office for efficiency and smooth operation. 

Air Force installations in North Ireland, Scotland, England, and France are constantly under the watchful eye of the air inspectors. In that manner, the Air Service Command is assured of the continuous smooth functioning of supply lines and the high-pitched activity which repairs combat-damaged planes in record time. 

In a recent communication, Brigadier General Morris Berman, Commanding General of the Base Air Depot area in England, lauded the work of Sergeant McNaughton and other Air Force WACs for "the wholehearted and unselfish spirit with which they have adapted themselves to foreign service."  

Sergeant McNaughton entered the Army on February 17, 1943 and was transferred overseas last June. Her mother, Mrs. Nora McNaughton, resides in Altoona.