James W. Meade

AN EIGHTH AIR FORCE, FIGHTER STATION, Englandó Promotion of Donald J. Meade, Chippewa Falls, Eighth Air Force Fighter Pilot, from the rank of Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant, has been announced here. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Meade, the flier's parents, live at 215 East Columbia Street, Chippewa Falls. After graduation from McDonell Memorial High School, Chippewa Falls (1941), the Lieutenant attended Eau Claire State Teachers College.

Following cadet training at Eau Claire, the Wisconsin Airman was commissioned in March 1944 at Marianna, FL. Flying P-51 Mustangs with the 55th Fighter Group, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Elwyn G. Righetti, San Luis Obispo, CA, the Chippewa fighter pilot destroyed two Luftwaffe planes on the ground in Germany.

Recently, the Air Medal for "meritorious achievement in aerial combat over Germany" was awarded Lieutenant Meade. 

Lieutenant Meade has one brother, Private James W. Meade, who is with the Infantry in France.