LaVern H. Meindel

LaVern H. Meindel, 17, Route 2, Eau Claire, has won recognition as a "qualified striker" for the rate of Machinist's Mate Third Class, in recent graduation ceremonies held for the service school at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, IL.

Home from Hawaii
Donald F. Meindel, Aviation Metalsmith First Class, U.S. Navy, son of Mrs. Harlow Town, Route 2 (town of Wheaton), has arrived home for a 30-day leave after 16 months at a Naval Air Base in the Hawaiian Islands.

Donald enlisted in the Navy before the war and has seen three years and five months of service, nearly all of it in Hawaii and the South Pacific. 

He was a member of the crew  of the first aircraft carrier Lexington and a survivor of its sinking by the Japanese in the South Pacific. He came through that without  a scratch. Maintaining a strong pride for the old Lexington, Donald said,  "she amply paid for herself before she went down."  

With perfect timing, he arrived home Mother's Day. At the expiration of his leave, he will report for duty at Alameda, CA.  

Mrs. Meindel has another son serving with the Navy in the South Pacific, LaVerne H., Motor Machinist Mate Third Class, who is on a YW-90.

As a Lexington survivor, Donald had only a day and a half at home. He says it is mighty good to be back again; that Hawaii and other Pacific Islands are not what the storybooks picture them and that  Wisconsin can't be beat.