Walter T. Melville

Eau Claire Boy Transferred to Blimp Squadron
LAKEHURST, NJ—Walter T. Melville, Aviation Metal Smith Third Class, United States Naval Reserve, Route 4, Zephyr Hill Avenue, Eau Claire, WI formerly an Electrician's Apprentice, has been transferred to a Navy Blimp Squadron, after completing a three-month course in the Naval Training School (Lighter-than-air) here at the Naval Air Station, famous lighter-than-air-base.

Students become qualified for lighter-than-air duties upon graduation from the school, which gives six weeks of classroom instruction, acquainting the men with the blimp and another six weeks of practical work in specialized jobs. Most of the personnel are selected graduates from specialized Navy schools which train machinists, aviation ordnance men, radiomen, radio technicians, boatswain mates, and other specialists. Others come from sea and from heavier-than-air bases.