Betty Lou Menge

Reports for Advanced Training
Dorothy Mae Listebarger (right) of Marion, IA adjusts the lapel pin on the uniform of Betty Lou Menge of Fall Creek, WI. They are cadet nurses in the first class to report for duty at the U.S. Naval Hospital, San Diego, CA. Miss Listebarger wears the summer uniform of the Corps and Miss Menge the winter uniform.

Betty Lou Menge, 21, of Fall Creek, WI is a member of the first class of cadet nurses to report to the 11th Naval District for advanced training. She has just been assigned duty at the U.S. Naval Hospital, San Diego, CA.

Miss Menge, an alumna of Eau Claire Teachers College, completed her preliminary training at Ancker Hospital in St. Paul, MN. She is a graduate of Fall Creek High School.

During four months of training at the San Diego Naval Hospital, she will work in wards with war-wounded Navy men and Marines under the supervision of regular Navy nurses. She also will be familiarized with Navy customs and military drill.

On the completion of this training, she will be given the opportunity to be commissioned in the Navy or Army Nurse Corps or to enter one of the other nursing services.

While on duty in the Navy hospital, the junior nurses wear their smart gray cadet street uniforms and the working uniforms of their home hospitals.

Miss Menge is the daughter of George R. Menge of Fall Creek.