Roland A. Meyer

Serve on the Seas or Overseas
Three sons of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Meyer, 920 Starr Avenue, are now serving overseas. They are Henry, 26, Roland, 22, and Dennis, 19.

Private First Class Roland A. Meyer entered the service on March 24, 1943. He received his training at Camp Crowder, MO and Lincoln, NE, going overseas with the Signal Corps to England.

Private First Class Dennis F. Meyer, U.S. Marine Corps, was wounded at Iwo Jima Island, according to word received by his parents. He was wounded in the right leg between the knee and hip. His regiment is credited with putting the flag on Fort Sauribahi. He was serving with the Fifth Marine Division.

Henry J. Meyer, Gunner's Mate First Class, entered the service in August 1938 and was at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked by the Japs. He has served on the cruiser Helena, the USS Mississippi, and the President Jackson. He is now on a cruiser serving with the Amphibious Fleet in the Pacific.