Ambrose F. Noack

Technician Fifth Grade Ambrose F. Noack, son of Mrs. Matt Noack, 825 Second Avenue, has received the Presidential Unit Citation. He is with the Third Armored Division and participated in the campaigns in Normandy, Northern France, and Germany. The Unit Presidential Citation was awarded his unit for heroic action against the enemy from August 26 to September 4, 1944 in the attack from the Seine to the Siegfried Line.

Eau Claire Man Writes of Advance Into Germany
Technician Fifth Grade Ambrose F. Noack, one of three sons of Mr. and Mrs. Noack, 825 Second Avenue, this city, now serving overseas, has written his parents from "somewhere in Germany," after being stationed for the past year in England and France. A graduate of the Eau Claire High School, he enlisted in the Army in 1941. In his letter, dated October 10, he writes:

"I just finished helping the cook clean up. I had worked last night, making raisin pie, so I'm taking it a little easy this morning. So far, everything is fine. It's beginning to get a little colder here now, and we have been issued our winter clothes. So we are pretty well off. This is a nice sunshiny morning, the first we have had in quite a while.

"We've been here in Germany for some time. It is a rather nice country, and it's a shame that one man should try to destroy it! We have been kept on the move for quite some time, going through France and Belgium. They are also very pretty countries, although now the fields and highways are littered with vehicles and wagons, all blown up; also a lot of dead bodies, mostly German.

"The people in France and Belgium really think the world of the Americans. You just can't believe it unless you see it.

"I've seen quite a bit of our Army Air Force and think it's doing a very good job. Saw some dog fights. I also saw the big three-thousand-plane bombing at the breakthrough in St. Lo, France. Our tanks were in there and really doing their job.

"Every once in a while, I hear of some of  my old friends from the first regiment I was in, getting hurt or killed. Some were boys from Wisconsin whom I had come to know and like. Well, so much for that.

"I've picked up a few souvenirs here. I'll try to send you a few medals. They have the Lord's Prayer written on them. I have two of them. Give one to someone else."

The two medals, about the size of dimes, bearing the words of the Lord's Prayer in English on one side, were enclosed in the letter.

Sergeant Matthew and Sergeant Eugene Noack, brothers of Ambrose, are both in France. The Noacks' youngest son, Edward, 17-years-old, is at home.