Glenister (Glenn) C. Paape

Gets Letter from Brother After He Lands in France
Writing his sister, Mrs. Frank Gorell, 655 1/2 Wisconsin Street, from the French Invasion Coast, Technical Sergeant Glenister C. Paape, Army Corps of Engineers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Paape of San Diego, CA but formerly of Eau Claire, exclaims, "How we would love to have some of those strikers over here!"

Her brother landed in France on the third day of the invasion, Mrs. Gorell said. At the time of writing the letter just received by his sister, he had evidently just heard of the bombing of Japanese cities and also of the start of the bombing of England by Hitler's robot planes.

He pays warm tribute to the fighting Americans engaged in the invasion of Normandy, as the "best men in the world." 

Technical Sergeant Paape entered the service in February 1943 and landed in England last fall. He was then a Private. Recently he was promoted to Technical Sergeant.

Text of letter
The text of the letter to his sister follows:

"Dear Sis: Just a few more lines, to let you know I am still kicking.

"We finally got some of the summer weather that June is supposed to bring. How is it back there?

"Heard where Japan finally got bombed. Now that they've got started, maybe they can keep it up. Also, England is supposed to be getting bombed by some robot plane. Haven't seen it as yet, but I suppose, before this gets over with, we'll see a lot of them."

Boys Going: Swell
"The boys over here are sure going swell. Boy, you can't tell me we haven't got the best men in the world and, by God, they proved it here. Any time a country can fortify a country for four years and have some men come in and take it over—well, it really shows something.

"How we would love to have some of those strikers over here!

"So far we've only had one mail call, which we don't like very well. Right now we have two dopes talking about when they become granddads.

"We're just one happy family. We try to write, and they keep jabbering so it's almost impossible. 

"It is still light out, but it is bed time.——Glenn"