Victor G. Paus

Private Victor G. Paus, Infantry, husband of Vivian Paus, has returned from four months in the European hospital ship, Wistaria. He is being temporarily treated at Stark General Hospital, prior to being transferred to another Army hospital for definite treatment.

Contributed by Vivian Sullivan, Chippewa Falls
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At Fort Sheridan. Victor is the fifth from the left in the second row (X'd)

Western Union Telegrams

November 18, 1944
Washington DC informs Vivian that Victor was "seriously wounded"

December 4, 1944
Victor sends Vivian "Loving Birthday Greetings"

December 23, 1944
Victor: "ALL MY LOVE" to Vivian and Baby

Infantryman Is Wounded Seriously On German Front
Private Victor Paus, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Paus, Route 4, Chippewa Falls, has been seriously wounded in action in Germany on November 2, according to word received by his wife who is residing at 547 Bergen Avenue with her parents.

Serving with the Infantry, Private Paus arrived in France about September 5. He entered the service on March 27 of this year and received his training at Camp Sannin, Texas and Fort Meade, Maryland.

WASHINGTON (AP)—The War Department made public the names of United States soldiers wounded in action. The list contained names of the following Wisconsin men:

Bauman, Private Martin R., Carl, Father, Merrill
Marinack, Private First Class Frank W., Mrs. Ann, wife, Phillips
Paus, Private Victor G., Vivian, wife, Chippewa Falls
Schmidt, Private Leonard R., Mrs. Emil Straus, aunt, Merrill

Nelson, Sergeant Lloyd M., Art, father, Wilson

8 Milwaukeeans; Rest from State, Michigan

Eight Milwaukee soldiers and 23 from other areas of Wisconsin were named by the War Department yesterday as wounded in action, most of them while fighting in the European area. The War Department lists also named seven soldiers from Upper Michigan. In each case, the next of kin have been notified and have been kept informed of developments.

The Milwaukee wounded:
Laurence L. Wippert, Private First Class; mother, Mrs. Jessie, 2210 West McKinley Avenue
Russell P. Kolb, Private; mother, Mrs. Theresa P., 5272 North 37th Street
John C. Lukesh, Private; mother, Mrs. Lydia, 2433 West Kilbourn Avenue
John J. Nowak, Private First Class; mother, Mrs. Lucille, 1847A North Warren Avenue
Leonard T. Paluszynski, Private; wife, Mrs. Peggy L., 2545 South 13th Place
Jack P. Principati, Private; father, Frank C., 1622 North Franklin Place
Paul B. Pucer, Technician Fifth Grade; sister, Mrs. Anna M. Mrav, 159 South 99th Street
Edward J. Reck, Sergeant; mother, Mrs. Lucy, 3762A East Edgerton Avenue, Cudahy.

The Wisconsin wounded:
Private First Class Charles J. Captain, Appleton; Sergeant Robert J. Hamilton, Beloit; Sergeant Marshall A. Helland, Racine; Sergeant Lloyd M. Nelson, Wilson; Private First Class Emanuel Stiennow, Eagle River.
Private Harry F. Bliss, Mineral Point; Private First Class Arthur J. Bursen, Manitowoc; Sergeant Melvin W. Dobratz, Lena; Sergeant Lavere R. Foster, Hager City; Private Robert S. Hansen, Sheboygan; Private First Class Orrin R. Kasten, Lena; Private Phillip C. Lohrman, Madison; Private First Class Matthew M. Lusk, LaCrosse; Private First Class James F. Lux, Menasha; Private Donald R. Mason, Brodhead; Private Herbert Miller, Middleton; Private First Class Paul L. Nevermann, Watertown; Private Victor C. Paus, Chippewa Falls; Private First Class Arles P. Perkins, Lake Delton; Second Lieutenant Leland M. Peterson, Waupaca; Technician Fifth Grade Kenneth R. Radliff, Manitowoc; Second Lieutenant Harold C. Steinke, Plymouth; Private C. J. Swamp, Green Bay.







United States Army Hospital Ship Wisteria arrives at Port of Embarkation, Charleston, SC. This is the ship which brought Victor home.

Honorable Discharge August 9, 1945

Enlisted Record and Report of Separation: Honorable Discharge

Application for Service-Connected Disability Preference