Donald D. Pierce

Donald Pierce Tells About LST Landing on Leyte
A letter written by Donald D. Pierce, Cox (AST), to his former employer at the Remington Arms Company plant in Bridgeport, CT, was published recently in the company's paper. Pierce, who is serving on an LST [Landing Ship, Tank] in the South Pacific, wrote:

"On October 20, our LST ran full speed onto the beach near the town of Dulag (Leyte Island in the Philippines) amidst heavy mortar and sniper fire. After an hour of concentrated fire,  these surrounding enemy emplacements were wiped out. 

"We spent a few days on this  beach, unloading our cargo. By this time, a 40-mile beachhead had been  established, and the enemy was being pushed deep into the island by our troops. 

"We were constantly under fire of all descriptions our entire stay in Leyte Gulf. We were subjected  to numerous air attacks, consisting of strafings, bombings, and torpedoing. Enemy planes bursting in midair from our anti-aircraft barrage was a sight I'll never forget. In one day, we brought down a total of 12 enemy planes. Old "salts," who have participated in many invasions, claim this to be their toughest engagement.

"When we arrive at our present destination, we will refuel, take on supplies, and be given a short rest period, preparatory to our next trek into enemy territory."

Pierce is the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Pierce, 102 West Madison Street. He was brought up in Chippewa Falls and attended school there but was residing in Eau Claire until about four years ago, when he went to work for the Remington Arms Company at Bridgeport. He has been in service about a year.