John Roessler

Mother's Day this year brings thoughts of Dear Mom to many a serviceman who won't have the opportunity to express his affection. The visit home, the flowers, candy, and other gifts may not be possible this year. But there will be other, happier Mothers' Days ahead.

That thought has been put into simple and sincere verses by one  young man overseas, and his tribute to his mother and the mothers  of our servicemen is being used as a greeting by his comrades. Private Warren Westlund, formerly of Eau Claire, now stationed in New Guinea, sent the poem to his mother, Mrs. Martha Westlund of Chippewa Falls. It was also sent by Private John Roessler to his mother, Mrs. J. Roessler of Eau Claire. It is credited to Private Edward Duechter.  All of the boys are stationed at the same place in New Guinea. 

Although we have a rule against publishing poems during the present  paper shortage, when so many other items have priority on space, we are printing this Mother's Day tribute.

Mother's Day
The most important date to me is the second Sunday in May. Though I am far away from you, I remember Mother's Day.

Gee, Mom, it seems like ages
Since I left you there at home
And went to work for Uncle Sam
Across the world to roam.

Millions of other service men
Are sharing thoughts today
Of the wonderful person called Mother
From whom we are far away.

Each night before I go to sleep
I say a little prayer
For you and all the mothers
Who are watching and waiting there.

I cannot send you flowers, Mom,
If I could, I'd send you a ton,
But here is a bouquet of best wishes and prayers
From your devoted son.

When this war is over
And I come home to stay,
We can spend this Sunday together again,
Each year on Mother's Day.