Lloyd Sanders

Second Son of Elk Mound Couple Killed in Action
Private Lloyd Sanders, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sanders of Elk Mound, was killed in action on June 28 at Maffin, New Guinea, according to a telegram received by his mother on July 15. Lloyd was serving in the Infantry.

In the last letter Mrs. Sanders received from her son, he said it was hard to write because the Japs were keeping them terribly busy. "We are in combat now," he explained.

"Don't worry about me, because everything will come out all right in the end. It was too bad about Robert, but I guess there is nothing we can do about it. There are fellows being killed everyday in this war, and we don't know who will be next.

"I am sitting in a fox hole, watching for the Japs and trying to write this letter and it doesn't work out so well. I had better close.  Your son, Lloyd"

His brother, Robert Sanders, was killed in action in Burma on April 10 of this year.